Social Media vs. The Film Industry

Hi, everyone! This is my DA pitch for BCM325.

My Digital Artifact will focus on how social media is used as a marketing tool for the film industry, and how this both aids and hinders how films are produced and promoted.

As pertaining to the week 3 lecture, I will use my research on past social media trends in relation to filmmaking and consumption to reasonably predict future consumer interests and trends in the next 1-5 (short term) and 5-10 (medium term) years.

Here is a rough production timeline I have planned for my DA:

There are also some articles that helped me formulate my idea, and that I could potentially use as research:

I look forward to hearing from you! 

7 thoughts on “Social Media vs. The Film Industry

  1. Hi Misha! This is a really interesting topic, one I haven’t thought about before. The first link that you have in your blog for a potential area would work well within this research, if you focused each blog on one or two movies and evaluate how different or the same they were marketed. I would definitely be reading these because social media has such an impact on everything these days.

    The first thing that came to my mind when social media was used as a marketing tool for the movie industry was with Netflix films – The Kissing Booth was all over the media, people found the actors involved social’s and this was such a hyped-up film. A lot of Netflix’s movies are marketed through their social media, I think that would be interesting to look into as well.

    The timeline works well with this project and it will allow time to reflect on each topic that you discuss. I think a lot will change in the short term period, so it will be interesting to see how the long term will be far different! I’m keen to see the updates with this project!


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  3. Cool project Misha! Film producers that embrace social media marketing as their primary promotion tool are the trailblazers leading the industry, while others that refuse to modernise will inevitably get left behind.

    The concepts statement discussed in your video is a bit confusing. Are you exploring the future of social media’s impact on the promotion and production of new films? Or how social media can manipulate an audience’s perceptions of a film? I think these are both great possible futures to research. The clarity of your concept would benefit from being defined in a more concise way. I’m also wondering if you will talk about Netflix and the changing nature of watching films?

    The level of detail in your production timeline is great! It would also be good to include what specific topics you would be focusing on in each blog post. How long will each blog post be and will you will create audio and visual content embedded in the blog post? Writing a blog post that is a case study about a successful example of social media marketing for a film would be an good model to base your 5 year projections on. For example, the social media marketing for ‘The Avengers: Infinity War’ as described in this blog post was highly successful. The film trailer was the most viewed video on YouTube within 24 hours and other promotional content such as actor Tom Holland revealing the movie poster and release date on an Instagram Live were important in the huge support behind the film and its consequent profits.

    You’ve suggested a good amount of resources for background research but it would’ve been better to give some context as to what each of them are about rather than just listing the hyperlinks. From the week 3 lecture that you mentioned, Wendell Bells ‘Foundations of Future Studies’ will help guide your project in analysing and interpreting the recent past and present on your 5-year projections. Similarly, I found Bell’s futurology to be relevant to my own project ‘The Future of Women in Leadership’ ( where the implementation of policies now about equality for women’s access to positions of power is critical for a desirable future.

    Social media and the film industry are increasingly interconnected and I look forward to seeing your findings on this. Well done Misha! 🙂


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  5. Nice project! First of all this pitch was very well presented and clearly laid out your plan, great work!

    Things I think would be worth exploring within this topic are:

    1) Memes

    – Will movie studios embrace memes to promote a film? The memes of Sonic the Hedgehog were crucial in raising awareness and encouraging the studio to change the film, which ultimately resulted in a successful project for the studio.

    Bonus meme: Thanos memes

    2) Commentary Videos

    – Critical commentary videos on youtube garner millions of views and can dramatically shift the perception of a film. Will film studios either sponsor or collaborate with youtube commentators?

    3) Influencers

    – Is it going to get to the point that Adison Rae is the star of a film that isn’t about her? Will the film industry need to embrace new era influencers to retain attention from youth?

    The future of the film industry will be dramatically shifted by the future of technology and the manner in which the film industry utilises social media may make or brake their future.

    Great project! I can’t wait to check in with the finished product 🙂


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