Information & Health: Research Project Update

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to give you an update on my research project.

When I began this project over a month ago, I decided focus on the topic of health and nutrition. This was due to the fact that I had somewhat of a turnaround when it came to my personal views on nutrition, which became a priority in my life. I was determined to find out whether others have felt the same, and what drives people to decisions. Or, alternatively, why people chose to continue bad habits.

I’ve narrowed down my initial question that I formulated in my research proposal. The question I now intend to answer is:

How does information impact our opinions on health and nutrition?

Through this researc1603w-getty-instagram-food-photoh I am hoping that I will see more of a connection between what we consume on social media and how that influences our behaviour. Especially since showcasing healthy food and fitness regimes on Facebook and Instagram is becoming more prominent within western society.

I have constructed a survey that I will be posting within the next few days, as I am still trying to figure out which website I will use to host my research. I intend to follow that survey with a focus group, which will generate further discussion on this topic and hopefully go into a more detailed analysis of information and health.

When my survey is uploaded I will include a link in this post, as well as post the link on Twitter. Your participation would be deeply appreciated.

I will continue to update my blog as my research progresses so please stick with me if you’re interested!