Much like the character I created, I’m not very spiritual. However, when I looked at Holly’s photographs, the atmosphere of her location felt very spiritual and heavenly, so I decided to explore the spiritual aspect of child loss. I came up with the idea after recently watching The Help, which touched on the issue of miscarriages.

My research mainly consisted of blog posts of women discussing their experiences and spiritual connections, which I used both and research and inspiration for my story. The major plot point in my story was inspired by Lorna Tedder, who talked about seeing her unborn children in her dreams and through meditation.

“I’ve recently been introduced to several shamans…They urge women who are facing untimely or unwanted pregnancies – not always the same thing – to go into a meditation and talk to the soul who wants to come through as a new baby.” (Lorna Tedder, 2010)

Additionally, the opening scene of No Country for Old Men, where the Coen Brothers displayed scenic still shots with a voice-over introducing the characters and the storyline, was the style I wanted to achieve.

I used a sound piece that contain diegetic, ambient sounds along with musical tones in order to convey the environment as well as the spiritual atmosphere of the locality and the experience.