The Social Media Mask.

While it may not be true that everyone who projects themselves on social media are fake, they may adopt differing personas in order to portray the best version of themselves to an audience, essentially masking their true attributes.

The idea of the “Social Media Mask,” can be applied to the life of social media personality, Essena O’Neill.


Essena O’Neill, an Instagram and YouTube star, recently caused a stir when she revealed that she was quitting social media, saying that the online world is “fake.”

When creating content and documenting her life, Essena donned a mask that hid her true feelings towards the world she was caught up in, claiming that she was actually miserable when she tried to come across as positive.

“Everything I was doing was edited, and contrived and to get more value. To get more views…” (Essena O’Neill, 2015)

We use social media to convey the best versions of ourselves to gain approval from friends, family and even strangers.

However, does this mean we’re all fake?

Or do these personas become a part of who we are in reality?


3 thoughts on “The Social Media Mask.

  1. Hey Mish, the example you used of the whole Essena O’Neill scandal was such a great link to this weeks content! I hadn’t thought of it earlier. I like that you talked about online persona’s as being the place where people show only the best parts of their lives. This is exactly what Essena did and as much as it would’ve taken great courage I can’t help but find this video more convincing: Sometimes I wonder if the persona presented through social media is manipulated in some circumstances to create a whole other persona to attract more attention and/or publicity. Aside from that, I really enjoyed reading your post, it was helpful to clarify the issues presented this week and think through how and where they play out in our everyday lives.


  2. Hey Misha, this blog was awesome as was your highly relevant and current references! The Essena O’Neill example immediately connects with the audience because it is such a widely known story. Similar to my own blog, the way you call out online persona’s as being fake and only representing the best aspects of an individual’s life was absolute gold! You have obviously approached this week’s topic from a compassionate and realistic perspective, which was so refreshing!

    Here is an article I think you’ll find extremely interesting, delving into the manufactured personas of celebrity social media accounts:

    A well-written piece, from an insightful perspective! Love it 🙂


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