Remix Culture: A copyright nightmare.

Remix culture is a product of the rapid technological advancements that exist in our world today, and a part of this culture is the existence of mashups.

Mashups essentially combine multiple pre-existing songs with the same rhythm, or are slightly altered to create a similar rhythm, ultimately creating a new song all together.

Considering the abundance of copyright laws that exist in the present, mashups are difficult to create without permission from the original song artist, which can sometimes come at a price (literally).

However, the originality of this type of remix isn’t as ambiguous, as other original content is clearly being used, and is essential, to create this style.

“It is most likely that mashups and remixes will have to be interpreted on a case by case basis to determine whether any infringement of copyright has occurred. The issue of moral rights, particularly the moral right of integrity and the notion of reasonableness also need to be considered.” (O’Brien and Fitzgerald 2006)

So what does remix culture mean for the future of copyright?


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  1. Hi! Interesting point of view on the topic of remix. You present some really strong points! Remix is definitely a huge copyright issue that presents a wide range of problems! An interesting article for you to have a look at would be this one >
    Two interesting points that I picked up were “good artists copy; great artists steal”. and “If you’re not making art with the intention of having it copied, you’re not really making art for the 21st century.”

    Some interesting points for you to consider! 🙂


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