The Kardashian Family take Transmedia.

Henry Jenkins’ discusses how transmedia often conveys complete fictional worlds made up of numerous characters and their plotlines which weave together, creating an even larger, more intricate story. He explains that “this process of world-building encourages an encyclopaedic impulse in both readers and writers.” (Jenkins 2007)

While the world that the Kardashian’s have built isn’t [entirely] fictional, their audience is drawn in by enticing tabloid headlines and rumours spread across social media, almost forcing them to tune into their numerous TV shows and dissect their social media accounts to find answers – thus that encyclopaedic impulse becomes evident in this case.

They’ve built an empire of businesses and social media presences, as well as created various storylines for themselves through their multiple TV series’.

And I will attempt to sum up their transmedia world through a Kylie Jenner inspired Snapchat story.


Jenkins, H. (2007) ‘Transmedia Storytelling 101’,

Baldassarre, C (2014) ‘The Kardashian Family’s Business Empire In-Depth’,



3 thoughts on “The Kardashian Family take Transmedia.

  1. The Kardashians are such a perfect example, oh my giddy aunt. Jenkins’ point that transmedia stories are often based on whole ‘worlds’ rather than individual characters is one curious difference in the Kardashian Kase, but really you could argue that the main contribution the Kardashians give to the transmedia concept is the whole performative aspect – you want to be like them, follow their ideals, wit, fashion. Get their Goddamn lipstick… has some intriguing points about the Kardashian domination if you need to sate your, y’know, encyclopaedic fan instincts!


  2. Hi Misha,
    I really enjoyed your blog post! The way that your post was written was clear and well structured. Your grammar and punctuation is commendable. Your example of Henry Jenkins’ quote was a great way to start as it made your argument clear to the audience. I do believe that for future blog posts to incorporate more sources within your posts will help consolidate your argument a lot better. Also if you had added a bit more information in either your video or your blog post about the reasons behind the Kardashians being a transmedia narrative. You could have argued about how the whole public persona of the Kardashians has changed over time and how KUWTK began as a TV show about family hard ship and struggle to then have it changed to be mainly about petty family drama just because that is what the audience wants to see.
    Overall I really enjoyed your blog post and look forward to reading more 🙂 xx


  3. This is such a great example! The Kardashian family has basically created an empire because of their use of transmedia. Although, like you said, it isn’t a fictional case it still fit’s quite well as an example, and I love the use of the inspired video! I think the use of the Jenkins quote was good as it sums everything up quite well and in a simple way.


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