My Digital Artefact Annotated Bibliography: Part 1

Streets of Sydney –

The Streets of Sydney is a YouTube Series by the channel, More Chillis Productions. Essentially, it is a YouTube series depicting the different kinds of people in various areas of Sydney, such as The Shire, the Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs, etc. They do this by acting out the stereotypes of the people that live in these areas, in an attempt to satirise the people and the areas themselves. These videos are quite controversial, as they not only contain course language, but they also can be racially offensive. These videos are what inspired our digital artefact idea, as we are attempting to satirise the people of UOW.


The Simpsons at 25: Satire in serious times –

This article by Jon Methven discusses The Simpsons cultural relevance and importance. He talks about the lovable and relatable characters and how altogether these characters perfectly sum up the American culture. The show took advantage of the stereotypical American family as created by the media, for example the obese, lazy, drunken father and his rebellious, adventurous son. While Methven wrote about how satire was a key part of the show, the readers disagreed, saying that it was merely “mindless entertainment” as opposed to clever social commentary. While he wrote a great article about satire present in The Simpsons, I do think he could’ve discussed more about the effect that this satire has on our society. As our digital artefact idea centres around stereotypes and satirising people of different areas, the way The Simpsons satirises the American people makes this article relevant to our artefact.


Is YouTube a good or bad influence on society? –

As YouTube is the media platform in which we will be posting our digital artefact, this article by Syra Sharif is important to our understanding of the influence of the media and different types of content on YouTube. Sharif discusses that YouTube is essentially a forum to share ideas and opinions, and the different types of content are able to spark discussion, which could either have a positive or negative impact on society. It debatable whether the content itself or the reaction it creates is the source of either positivity or negativity, which isn’t entirely clear in the article.


The seven tribes of Sydney –

Although we’re focusing on the on-campus residents of UOW, the way that this article generalises the people of different areas of Sydney is a good reference point for exploring the stereotypes of UOW residents. This article, written by Kirsten Craze, contains brief summaries of the residents of Sydney’s main “tribes” taking the most stereotypical characteristics of these areas and hyper-exaggerating them. This article is purely for entertainment purposes, as these stereotypes are perpetrated by anecdotes and word-of-mouth, and are intended to be humorous. This is the approach we are taking with our Digital artefact.


Eight ideas to help get the most out of a man-on-the-street interview –

The man-on-the-street on the street interview style is the type we are using for our digital artefact. This article gives us some guidance in order to enhance our use of this interview style. We feel that this style will be able to convey our message effectively, as we are able to showcase multiple perspectives to a pre-determined set of questions. Through editing, it is also the most effective way to create humorous content. This article only provides basic information to be able to use this interview style efficiently, there are various other ways to conduct these interviews that can be discovered through trial and error.



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