My Digital Artefact Annotated Bibliography: Part 2

7 ways to build your online presence –

Building an online presence is essential to our digital artefact, in order to gain viewership and build popularity. This article by Kate Erickson provides a basic guide to building your online presence through multiple steps, which we have slightly modified to suit our needs. For example, our ‘solid platform’ starts with our Facebook page and YouTube channel as opposed to our own website. The advice in this article is simple, yet vital, and is accommodating enough that it would be able to work for anyone. As well, it provides references to other articles by Kate Erickson, that provide more depth to the information she is presenting us.


Jimmy Kimmel Live: Street Interviews –

The late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live contains segments called Pedestrian Question, Kids Explain and Lie Witness News, where people on the street are asked a single or a set of questions and are required to answer on the spot. It is generally done in a humorous manner, as it is presented to a live studio audience for a comedic talk show. Although the types of questions are different and we are presenting it to YouTube as an audience, as opposed to a live studio audience, these segments inspired us to include a set of questions in our content.


How to grow your online presence with YouTube –

YouTube is the primary social medium that we are using to present our digital artefact, and as building an online presence is important to our project, this how-to article is both helpful and relevant to our artefact. This is a YouTube specific article, written by Bridget Gibbons, about building an online presence. It expresses the importance of obtain multiple social media presences, such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as engaging with your audience through your content and your connectivity; which is done by responding to comments and building relationships. This article is fairly concise and filled with helpful advice that is sure to assist us with our artefact.


8 tips for editing videos like a pro –

As we are beginners to the YouTube game, and while I have edited a video or two in the past, it is necessary to refresh my brain on how to edit correctly, especially for the type of content we are creating. That is why this article giving basic advice on how to edit videos is excellent and relevant to our project. The information is straightforward, as well, the comments on the post itself offer some helpful tips for editing and shooting videos. However, the information in this article does not actually inform you of how to use editing software, which certainly would’ve strengthened this post.


How to Make a No Budget Mockumentary Web-series –

While our digital artefact isn’t exactly a mockumentary web-series, we are certainly incorporating elements of this style of filming into our project. This is because our project isn’t portraying fictional events, yet is still parodying certain aspects of campus life filmed in both documentary and interview style. This forum features a question, which a user is enquiring about making a no-budget mockumentary series and is asking for advice on how to do so. There are 5 replies to this question, offering helpful advice and providing examples on what to film with and how to research the topic.


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