Spatial portrait of Fairy Meadow station.

MEDA101 Spatial Portrait 6MEDA101 Spatial PortraitMEDA101 Spatial Portrait 7MEDA101 Spatial Portrait 5MEDA101 Spatial Portrait 2MEDA101 Spatial Portrait 3MEDA101 Spatial Portrait 4

My spatial portrait was centred around Fairy Meadow train station. The sound project that I based my photographs on depicted the anxiety that comes from being at a train station, and the loud, jarring sounds that convey that. I decided to convey that anxiety through isolation. The capturing of people in one photograph symbolises that the feeling of isolation and loneliness still exists even if we aren’t physically alone. The overcast sky creates an overpowering shadow over the area, an embodiment of the melancholia of anxiety, which was also conveyed through the lighting and offset. As well, I decided to use centralised focus, for both aesthetic reasons, and that it represents the desperate attempt to focus on something else to rid feelings of distress.


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