Animate Objects: The new way to interact.

It’s 2016 and I’m still in awe of the kind of technology that exists today.

Don’t get me wrong, the 2015 technological predictions of Back to the Future Part II were pretty spectacular, but that doesn’t even compare to the amazing devices we have nowadays.

Although I personally find artificial intelligence extremely terrifying, animate objects are somewhat of an exception.

One example of an animate object that I find particularly intriguing is Amazon’s new creation, Amazon Echo (a.k.a Alexa).

This is a device that is constantly connected to the internet. Similar to Apple’s Siri, you are able to interact with it and ask it questions – completely hands free – and within seconds it will give you an answer. It acts as a speaker, a remote and a member of the family…

That line was cheesy and embarrassing but 100% accurate.

Animate objects are shaping the way we interact with technology as well as one another. They are creating a world where we have instant access to information, entertainment and are possibly perpetuating indolence…but let’s ignore the latter.

These latest innovations have set the ground work for which an exciting and prosperous technological future can be built upon, and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us consumers.

Some more innovations in artificial intelligence are…



  1. It’s scary how AI has been developed to be so like us these days, similar to the way we act and talk, kinda creepy. I remember being shown the Amazon Echo thing in the lecture and thought it was the coolest thing! Like it’s actually amazing how much technology has progressed in such a short amount of time! I really enjoyed your post and thought you created a great discussion! Great job!


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