Citizen Journalism

The traditional idea of journalism has completely changed due to the prevalence of social media, as well as the technological improvements that are consistently occurring. For most, social media has become the new way to keep track of current events and social/political issues. Whenever people record something on their phone, or live tweet these events, they are contributing in what is called citizen journalism.



I don’t about you, but whenever I hear about a scandalous celebrity incident or a mass shooting, the first place I go to is Twitter. Not only to confirm (because let’s be real, Twitter has its fair share of trolls), but to find out more information and see how people are reacting. Even “professional journalists” and media companies refer to Twitter and other social media to find the opinions of the masses.

Check out my Prezi on the subject.



  1. It was interesting that you stated citizen journalism was more important than ‘professional journalism’ and I kind of wish you explored that more. The way I see it is they have different roles, perhaps that’s because as a journalism student I’d like to think my degree has a purpose. I really wish your post went into a bit more of an analysis of the concept rather than just a general introduction.


  2. I definitely can relate to checking Twitter as soon as a I hear of a major global event. It’s very interesting to see how we’ve transformed the trust we once had towards legacy media to social media. We are no longer the audience, but have become the producers of news content, as you highlight, but with this, we must issue caution as bias can be a true issue without gatekeeping or moderation that we see in the legacy model. I think you’ve definitely skimmed the surface of what citizen journalism is, but I’d have loved to have read more on your thoughts towards why media companies are referring to social media sites such as Twitter. This article was an interesting read regarding how people use Twitter to obtain news


  3. I really liked the amount of information you had in your Prezi. It had a heap of research put into it and I liked how you gave us links so that we could follow up on more information. I like how you really defined what a citizen journalist is and how you addressed how citizen journalist are becoming more and more important in this day and ages. Good work.


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