I’m Lovin’ Fairy Meadow

My recordings were heavily based on the two lane round-about on the Princes Highway and the inside of McDonald’s that’s located right next to it.

The roar of the cars as they drive past blends with the mixture of sounds inside McDonald’s. The chatter of people and the various ambient sounds, such as the moving of equipment and slamming of the register, are almost indistinguishable when they’re combined. I put these sounds together in order to convey that this locality is never quiet, constantly moving, flowing together almost as if all of the different sounds are one whole sound.

One project that influenced my project was ‘An Evening over the Water at Port Germien’ from ABC RN’s Offtrack. The narration, the feeling of the movement from one place to another as they walked together and the ambient sounds created an atmosphere that I was inspired by.


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