Copyright – Friend or Foe?


Such a pain, isn’t it?

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve wanted to include an image in my blog yet didn’t because I was afraid of copyright infringement.

Yet without it, life becomes even more of a pain, especially for content creators.

See, before copyright existed, the concept of property only referred to the land that someone owned, meaning that any other “property” that people created was available for somebody else to modify, copy, or even sell with no ramifications.

Nowadays, we, the consumers, the mediocre content creators, are the ones who suffer from these limitations. Although we are able to freely use the content that is public domain, a large amount of the intellectual property that exists is already owned and subject for copyright. Even the ‘Happy Birthday’ song was owned by Music Publisher, Warner/Chapell. Thankfully now it’s become public domain, so you can safely upload a YouTube video of your family gleefully wishing your Grandfather happy birthday with no fear of being charged. (Here’s an example)

1nHJkT0 - Imgur.png

Original Image

Taylor Swift, or more notably her management team, is notorious for her relentless copyright pursuits, hence the meme.

So maybe we won’t be able to post a video including a 30-second clip of Shake It Off any time soon, however, I do know one solution to that problem.




  1. Hey Misha, loved reading your blog! I really loved the meme and the ‘Happy Birthday’ clip was really cute. It was really informational and you went straight to the point about copyrighting which made it easy to read 🙂 My only suggestion for this blog is if you had a little more content behind your meme and the example of Taylor Swift with the wedding video, so that we can read more of your opinion on this copyrighting situation.
    Amazing work!


  2. Hey Mish, this was a very interesting read, and the way you started with background information around the topic before leading into examples provided a coherent and logical sequence, which encouraged the reader to go on. The use of personal reference, made the blog very relatable because let’s be honest we have all broken copyright infringements.
    Similarly the use of such famous examples, like Taylor Swift and of course the Happy Birthday song, provided a common basis for all readers to relate to with ease.
    The only suggestion I could really recommend would be extending on the examples with further discussions and hyperlinks, to allow the reader to follow up on information.
    Otherwise it was an excellent blog, that I enjoyed reading 🙂 Looking forward to the next one!


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